The Bare Project

The Bare Project

The Bare Project started from a simple observation. Our current consumption pattern is not sustainable. And the project tries to reverse this trend.

I personally think that to go out of this unsustainable pattern, the optimization bias would not be the best way as it would only exacerbate the curve (see Rebound effect). To do so, I decided to focus on the bare bias.

To make a tool less polluting, finding a better tool is not the right choice, but finding a simpler one and, most of all use it less, is.

The Bare Project aims to promote bare consumption habits assuming that it is the most realistic way to make real changes. As my expertise is mainly based on technology environmental impact, my work will be focused on this topic. I also think that doing your first bare steps on the technological field is a good way for you to get real sustainable habits.

How the project can help you ?

I try to provide on this site internet users and developers relevant informations and tools.

If you are a company, you can also contact me so I can help you make a new website or make it barer.

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March 2019
What about having a bare computer usage ? Here is an article about how you can begin your bare odyssey starting from your browser.