The Bare Project

Bare Blocker Extension


The Project

The Bare blocker extension, just like an add-blocker, prevents websites’ images and fonts from being loaded. To load desired images, you just need to mouse over them.

Most of today’s websites are a lot heavier than older ones and this is mainly caused by the propagation of high quality images. The extension is made to counter this effect. As a lot of websites’ content can be easily readen without their images, this extension is made to avoid useless data transfer.

Of course, the extension handles a whitelist which allows some listed websites to load normally.

Bare Blocker example 1
extension popup
Bare Blocker example 2
extension example
Bare Blocker example 3
extension example on over
Bare Blocker example 4
extension whitelist dashboard

The extension is published on:

As it is open-source, the extension code can be found here.